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It is one of the commonplaces of history that adverse circumstances offer no obstacle to men of outstanding energy and ability. Douglas Reed, who described himself as "relatively unschooled", started out in life as an office boy at the age of 13 and was a bank clerk at 19 before enlisting at the outbreak of World War I. A less promising preparation for a man destined to be one of the most brilliant political analysts and descriptive writers of the century could hardly be imagined. He was already 26 years old when he reached the London Times in 1921 as a telephonist and clerk; and he was 30 when he finally reached journalism as sub-editor. Thereafter there was no stopping this late-starter. Three years later he became assistant Times correspondent in Berlin before moving on to Vienna as Chief Central European correspondent stationed at Vienna. Reed broke with The Times in October 1938, almost simultaneously with the appearance of a book which was to win him instant world fame -Insanity Fair, a charming combination of autobiography and contemporary history. This was followed a year later by another runaway best seller, Disgrace Abounding. Other best-sellers followed in quick succession - A Prophet at Home, All Our Tomorrows, Lest We Regret, Somewhere South of Suez and Far and Wide. After Far and Wide Reed was virtually banned by the establishment publishers and booksellers, but he emerged from his enforced retirement as a writer in 1966 with The Battle for Rhodesia, followed by The Siege Of Southern Africa in 1974, Behind the Scene (a new edition of Part Two of Far and Wide) and The Grand Design, published in 1976 and 1977.


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