Famous Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard 'Burning Anti-Semite'

In a new book, (Nov. 9, 2010 'Stages on the Road of Anti-Semitism - Soeren Kierkegaard and the Jews', ed.) researcher Peter Tudvad documents that the great danish philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard was a burning Anti-Semite.

The great philosopher felt mortified by jews personally as well as theologically. They had a 'predilection for money', and only death was 'worse than the bloodthirsty jew', he declared.

(ed.: this non-event was commented out of proportion as 'scandalous news' by the Danish press and many politically correct commentators took part in the following discussions, all agreeing that Anti-Semitism was very bad, but some defending Kierkegaard as only being a son of his age.)


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