The Dodo.

By Knud Eriksen




The dodo was a big, friendly bird, which neither could nor would defend itself. Its misfortune was that its flesh was so tasty and that is was stupid enough to have faith in total strangers. Portuguese sailors could walk right up to a group of dodos and STEP one of them to death – without the others even moving at all. The last one died in 1681.   The dodo sets an example not to be followed.  

What does “The Dodo”- site want today?

  It will try to bring back to life the poor, brainwashed Danish people. It will tell YOU, that unless you partake actively in the liberation of Denmark from the immigration-lobby NOW, there will not be room for you and your children in the country, you take for granted as yours.  

Do other magazines (Danskeren, Tidehverv, Frihedsbrevet, Fremskridt) etc. not already do that?

  Yes. They are doing a valuable and appreciated job. But it will be good if more “illegal papers”  exist. That will make it harder for those in power to stop the liberation movement. Also the papers mentioned are too polite and “cultured” for the purpose. They are to a degree “politically correct”. They stay away from forbidden taboo-subjects, that are central to the free information. They hardly go anywhere near subjects, which the power mafia have made “indecent”. Then where is the strength? What do they have to say about the falsification of history? About the over proportioned, unreasonable, indecent and – last but not least – ungrateful influence and pressure of leading Jews and Jewish organizations to do away with our freedom of speech and make our country multi-ethnic? What do the newspapers and the parties and interest-groups say about the conspiracy, that is so clearly taking place to dismantle Denmark and destroy western civilization? Do they know nothing or are they the victims of fear?  

Probably 50/50. But both must be healed.

  You can NOT handle it by remaining blindfolded, by saying the miserable little words, “I am not a racist, but....” or by letting the overworked people in the Danish Association carry the workload, the threats and accusations.  

“The Dodo” calls for YOU.

  Furthermore “The dodo” wants to  

    1)   Revitalize the information concerning the fate of our country and our people.

     2)   Provoke by mentioning the unmentionable subjects that are essential for the understanding of the development that is catastrophic for Denmark and the Danes.

    3)   Expose traitors and their associates by mentioning of names – their deeds, and if possible prior subversive history.

     4)   Show how the traitors fit into a diabolical and worldwide plan for the destruction of the power of western civilization and people.

   5)   Try to unite the patriots by provoking exciting discussions about the fixed ideas in order to be able to concentrate the forces on the battle against the treason and the foreign invasion.

    6)   Show that there is still hope for you and your family by resolute action here and now. You will see this hope as real when you have had it explained to you, how the resistance is successful and continuously growing abroad. There the situation is much like here, but in many places the resistance is much further ahead. This seems to be the case particularly in France, Austria, USA, and the former communist countries. “The Dodo” will bring this news as long as they are suppressed by the media or are only treated superficially in the patriotic writings. Important knowledge from abroad, among others the American Free Press will give a clear view of the international power-elite's conspiracy for a dictatorial “New World Order”. The revelation of this 1984-tyranny and furthering of direct democracy based on honest, thorough information is the political line, that this site will follow. One might call it Danish/nationalistic/populist/democratic in the correct sense of these words. Predictable attacks, such as the site being right-extremist, racist, nazi, anti-Semitic etc. can be disregarded, but not prevented. As the French Le Pen says: “The world media are blind on the left eye and clairvoyant on the right eye.” These abused terms will be dealt with in due course.

    7)   Seek to bring other areas than the foreign invasion into focus. The tyranny manifests itself in many other ways, such as control of the media, perversion of the defence, destruction of the police, hypocricy about human rights, furthering of the narco-poisoning of the youth, the domination of psychology and psychiatry, the cultural mafia.

     8)   Try to pass on seemingly useful knowledge about the spiritual side of life, new and more promising thoughts, philosophies and movements, usually passed over or put down by the mass media's writing slaves.  


For the tyrants' world is the material one and we must therefore invest in,  and hope that spiritual enhancement, symbolized by a part of the “New Age”-movement and the new interest in religion and one's own culture, will contribute to creating people, who are more free, who are not so easily brainwashed to become the willingly ignorant voters, but who can pursue their rightful course towards greater happiness and freedom.

  “The Dodo” will be published as long as I see the need. It may not only be copied. It is very necessary that YOU see to it that it IS copied. “The Dodo” will be published on the internet for the time being in order to avoid the factual media censorship in this country and thereby reach new readers. Depending on interest and time printed editions may appear later.  


Knud Eriksen, april 1997

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