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Dronten no. 8 by Knud Bjeld Eriksen

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February 17, 2005

I am back "briefly" after a break of about six years. The ways of the world warrant an addition to the earlier texts, which otherwise seem to retain their actuality and timelessness.I continue ro use the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, as reference for those, who want to understand the forces behind the development of the world. The book is one of the most timeless and well written stories, that I know of. I bring some more news, which have been suppressed or distorted by mainstream media, mostly taken from American Free Press, the weekly newspaper, that has taken the place of The Spotlight, after it was driven into bankruptcy a few years ago. These news are mostly given as samples from the newspaper, which are to illustrate the actuality of Reed's book and show how important events in the intervening years (since it was written in 1956) fit into the larger picture. I believe that the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place for many people. That is my ambition with "The Dodo" (Danish: Dronten) based on the principle "The truth shall set you free". I have not attempted a balanced description of the chosen events as, the mass media of the western world provide the "politically correct", Jewish dominated, interpretation of world affairs in abundance. I write about Zionism and the Jewish question as my entry point, and the important news I have chosen, primarily serve to illustrate the basic problems around these issues. I attempt to write fairly and with the hope of improvement for all of us Jews and non-Jews alike - as the driving force.

All in the same boat

The Jewish question is also the most important question of our time. The fact that only very few per thousand of the Danish population or of the West have realized this fact, only makes the issue all the more important. Let me make it perfectly clear right away, that in saying these things I do not advocate a witch-hunt. I am only pointing to the most important fact of our time, which needs to be pointed out in the name of truth, for the benefit of everybody. Someone has to do it and the lot has fallen on me, amongst others. I do not want anyone persecuted or punished. It is not all Jews, that are being accused. It is a relatively small power-clique, that is doing all the mischief. The weakness of non-Jews has been just as decisive. And as many others have stated before me, the real reason is the spineless attitude of Westerners towards their own survival and welfare. They have become Dodos. Without that spinelessness the Zionist world conquest would have no chance of succeeding at all. This responsibility can not be put on anyone else. But lies and destruction should not be allowed to succeeed and should not be the factors, which are going to form the future, if I can do anything to help it. Honest communication in time and a real dismantling of the ticking bomb, which Zionism constitutes in the whole world, is really not only beneficial for the Jews, but is their and our only hope in a world, that is moving towards the abyss fast. The Zionists have, in reality, already started World War III, which they call "the war against terror", but which is, in reality, their final war against the West through terror. They are trying to set the West against the entire Moslem world, which they have conveniently first invited within the borders of the West by the millions. Typical of their screwed of way of thinking, the project is now called "bringing democracy to the Middle East". They mean: "Lebensraum for Israel", and all who follow the agenda - in all countries - are hailed in the press as "patriots", while everyone against it in the long run are to be put into lawless Guantanamo-camps as "terrorists", where they can even be tortured, following new "enlightened", Zionist-inspired, international regulations. The globalists create fear, dissolution, totalitarian laws and civil wars. Meanwhile they are, as always, standing on the sideline, grinning, whilst their cash registers grow red-hot from overload. The issue is of vital importance in regards to physical survival for ourselves and our children as well as for the survival of the Western, white mans culture. If it is anti-semitism to say that, then the truth has become anti-Semitic which, by the way, is the headline of an article in National Journal, the home page of which ought to be read by everyone, who wants to know what is really going on in the world (see "Links"). The primitive attack: "anti-Semitism", from the leading, worldwide mass media of the power-Jews and from the other power bases, which they have occupied, is only the usual smoke screen, under which they are seeking to seize power. Still, it is also true that some of the most ardent opponents of the power-Jews, who strive for world dictatorship, are Jews, also today, probably because they understand better than non-Jews do, the dangerousness of the power-Jews, but also because they have easier access to getting their writings promoted and published by the almost totally Jewish-dominated mass media and publishing houses. An obvious example is Norman Finkelstein's book The Holocaust Industry.It is just as true today as it was earlier, that the first victims of the incredibly disgusting, cheeky and destructive behaviour of the power-Jews all over the world will be their own racial-, national-, or religious brethren (choose freely among the possibilities, just as the Jews do themselves). These may not have the time to get away from the anger of the host-populations, when these become aware of the complete destruction, exploitation and enslavement they have been submitted to in their own countries for so long by these conspiring, mentally distorted power-Jews. Therefore it is very much in the best interest of the innocent Jews to work to put a stop to this deceit, made in their name, and to get a world wide debate of this problem started. That is the way of peace. But if we don't, then we - the Westerners will as always through history suffer in far greater numbers than the Jews. We are all in the same boat.

Conspiracy theory of fact?

Does a "Jewish" conspiracy exist, or is it pure paranoia to claim this?In my opinion, it can not to be denied, that some kind of conspiracy exists. I have written much about that earlier in "The Dodo", and I am not going to repeat myself unnecessarily. Jewish international organisations deny the existence of any kind of conspiracy Jewish or not. What is important here is, that a conspiracy can only remain unknown to the majority of the people because the mass media in the world have been taken over by power-Jews, who obviously deny. These media are our paramount problem and oppressor. Read the article "Who rules America" (in Danish in this Dodo) on the situation in the world's only superpower and accordingly also in the rest of the world, and compare it to media and names in Denmark. It was very positive that (now closed after recent media persecution), had made a list of prominent Danish Jews in media and politics. Interestingly enough, this created quite an uproar in the press. (And just today (Feb. 17, 2005), it appears that the homepage has been harassed so much by the media, that the editor has closed it down out of fear. For more information about names (aside from names mentioned in earlier "Dodo's") I can refer to the book A Dictionary of Jewish names and their History by Benzion C. Kaganoff, 1988 (ISBN-8052-0643-4 Random House, Inc.). From this book I have gleaned international Jewish names (supplemented with a list from of Jews in show business), (in an earlier Dronte a long list of Danish Jewish names was given). This book also gives a general insight into the background of Jewish names. For Danish comparisons I can furthermore again recommend looking closely at the rolling texts, that rush over the TV-screen after every movie or programme. Or read "Se og Hør"(gossip) about the famous ones. You will notice, that Jensen, Hansen and Petersen (traditional Danish names) are strangely absent. Even though they are, as yet, still the majority in the phonebook. Exotic names are prevalent. Whether they are Jews or not is not always easy to tell, because Jews rarely reveal this themselves. And a new Danish law on names, according to which anyone may theoretically be free to name themselves Bush, Melchior or Olsen, is on its way to further muddy the waters in the name of freedom. Mild brakes have been put on the import of Moslems just now, at least for a while, but their myriads of names give cover. The import has, however, also created very obvious problems for the Danish Jews, which one did not need to be a professor to foresee.The theory that there is a "Jewish" conspiracy to conquer the world will be briefly explained here as a roll-back for new readers, because the acts of war of the Power-Jew elite against the Western world, is most often wrapped in falseness and brought forth as camouflaged brainwashing. Most of us are not equipped to understand such and defend ourselves against it.The short version is, that the leading Jews the Power-Jews the Zionists - are following a 2.500 year old ambition, originating from the Old Testament, their Torah, which is both their religion and their political programme, and which promises "the chosen people" to come to rule all nations in the world. The program is taken very seriously even today, in the leading circles. Many Christians follow it, because they believe that the Old Testament is equal to the New Testament. But the two are directly opposites and should not be put together in the same book. The Old Testament is almost identical with the Torah of the Jews, it is their holy book and their "history book". The contents of the Old Testament should be known to the world by now, and when the world sees Jewish names place themselves in all the important positions in their countries, in the finance-centres of the West, the media of the West, the governments of the West and the cultural life of the West, the penny ought to drop. It is all described in the Torah, only enforced further by Jewish chauvinism in the Jewish holy scriptures Talmud, where, for several centuries, Jewish learned men have discussed and interpreted the Torah. The reason, why the penny doesn't drop very fast for us Westerners, is that the undeclared war against the West on the part of the power-jews is wrought by means of the lies and deceit of the mass media, hidden destructive activities by means of- and under cover of imported strangers - with names, more strange than their own, covert destruction of opponents, and as a last resort: murder carried out by the espionage- and murder organisation of Israel, Mossad. (se Suppressed News/Zionism).Only in the most obvious cases has it been admitted, when a person in a powerful position or involved in criminality or other destructive activity in a country, was a Jew.But the Power-Jews and their closest stooges in media, politics and culture have become more and more brazen in making their hidden agenda the fashion of the day. That is probably because they feel so sure of "victory" to-day, through their overwhelming and world-wide power, that they dare, but probably also because many (hundreds of) years of lies and deceit is wearing them down mentally. They may be hoping to be able to recover their mental health and ways by ruling openly, destroy the nation-states and the nations in all conceivable ways, through perverting and degrading the people, who house them, whilst they are being "persecuted". Some may call it "The New World Order". Others may call it schizophrenic paranoia".

"The world order" of the faggots

In The protocols of the elders of Zion (in Danish in an earlier Dronte), it has been described the most clearly, what has in the meantime proven to be the main areas for subversive activity. Read in earlier and in this "Dodo" how the subversion of the West has been progressing. A couple of the main areas is the control of and final destruction of royalty, government leaders, Christianity and churches, the competing power factors. Also general subversion of a people's morals, resistance and survival. An example is the expansive porno-fication of TV, the press and TV's overwhelming interest in the rise in society of homosexuals, the envelopment and recurring degradation of the members of the royal family. If there is any truth to the story, that the Danish prince Henrik should be gay (Se & Hør 4.-10. March 2004) and if the support of Danish prime-minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen to gay "rights" should have any basis in his own, personal interest in gays, the matter is far more serious. As one example of the strange role of the" impertinent" Danish press, read my article Fogh and the Faggots in this Dronte. I want to specify, that there is nothing wrong with leading Danes having sex almost any way they want, but the Danes have a right to know, if there is a personal reason why their prime minister supports gay weddings. And the most worrisome thing, of course, is that a possible secret concerning the prime ministers own homosexuality would be a basis for blackmail to enforce a hidden agenda of pressure groups, i.e. dangerous distortion of Danish foreign policy, dragging Denmark into wars on the other side of the planet, regardless of false basis for it and of mortal danger for the Danes, decaying of sexual morals destroying the family. Furthering of homosexuals with favouring and continued propaganda for them in mass media. Destruction of the Danish people's church. Internationalisation, globalisation, regardless of giant losses of jobs for Danes. Unconditional support to other causes such as totalitarian "terror-legislation" and EU censorship legislation. Everything is possible in such a scenario.

Subversion explained

As an aid to those, who want to inform themselves thoroughly of the issue, all of Douglas Reed's The controversy of Zion is now on the internet. Several particularly important chapters have translated by me into Danish, especially the chapters which illustrate, how Israel was formed, how the Jewish problem and the state of Israel influence the foreign policy of the nations especially ahead of an election. How the United States have become the prolonged arm of the Jewish world-conquest, and how Jewish "double-loyalty" was already a problem for Napoleon. More translated chapters in earlier Dodos. (the book is now - june 2008 - in SIX languages at this address)In this Dodo no. 8, I bring several texts to shed light on the historic role of the Jewish question in Denmark. Some of these texts stem from people who got in trouble for being "nazi-friendly" before and during WW II. Others, like my main source in The Dodo, Douglas Reed, were declared anti-nazi. Others yet have had no relation whatsoever to national socialism. Historic documents must be brought forward and judged on their contents, with arguments. In Denmark a Ph.D.-dissertation by Sofie Lene Bak, Danish Anti-Semitism 1930-45 "evaluates the basis for this anti-Semitism to have two main reasons: the crash of the "Landmandsbank", which was caused by a Jew. This cemented the view, in wide circles, of the finance-Jewry, especially in the agricultural organisation LS, as being ready to sell out the national heritage for personal gain. The other was "liberalism" ("Radikale Venstre",ed), the modern breakthrough, the revolt against the home country, the denial of God, critique put forth but the strangers in the Danish spiritual life, Georg and Edward Brandes. (Georg Metz in Information 19.11.2004). I have therefore chosen a few that critically deal with these issues. But there was "anti-semitism" prior to this and for other reasons. In order to demonstrate this, the critical thoughts of some other well-known Danes have been included. Many more examples could be mentioned, but the interested student have in this way received a couple of "red threats" to follow up on.

Status for the slave society

The Zionist world conquest in happening to-day at such speed and in so large parts of the world simultaneously, that the very strongly advertised "anti-Semitism" will rise to unheard-of levels before long. One does not need to have studied the subject for very long in order to predict that. Whereas the power-Jews - the priesthood and their conspirators, the court-Jews in earlier times could destroy one country and one people at a time and then become refugees and obtain asylum and citizenship in other countries - the world is now so much more aware of them because of the revolutionizing internet and their enormous success of their conquest, that it will be difficult to maintain the innocent role of victims. It is inevitable, that the United States, which has become their most recent and most exploited and abused host-country through an entire century (the 20th) will react. The hypocrisy is incredible in the big, international Jewish- and Zionist organizations, when they "suddenly" discover, among the millions of Moslems, which they themselves together with opinion-leading Jews have been the most eager to invite inside the borders of Europe, "a new anti-Semitism". Europe is reacting to the Jewish question again. What else could one expect? Russia is reacting again. The whole of the Moslem world is reacting.Where are the poor "persecuted" ones to go next? Possibly they are counting on China. Ever since president Kennedy was killed in a vain attempt to stop the Chinese-Israeli atomic armament (1963, see earlier Suppressed News) China has been Israel's secret ally. What kind of alliance this is, if it is at all real, what it can carry and how it will develop will be one of the big questions of the future. But the Chinese are Orientals themselves and understand deceit and betrayal much better than the Westerners.In the meantime the Power-Jews and their many opportunistic "yes-men" who either through their Jewish descent or contemptible subjugation under the political correctness, get disproportionally many of the exciting and influential positions in society, are quite simply trying to exterminate the Danes as a people. They are no longer satisfied just to pervert our culture, dominate and exploit us. They had settled for this in Germany before 1933. Also to-day their conquest is conducted through trickery and cohesion (and a great deal of competence, undeniably).Both in Germany, the rest of the West and in Denmark, they take the well-paid, glamorous jobs and powerful positions in the upper layers of society, which the nations own sons and daughters are consequently denied. But it is happening now on a far greater scale than in pre-Nazi Germany. Even the lowest jobs are little by little taken from us through the grotesque competition of free trade and the invasion, promoted and controlled by the media and supported by the law, of strangers into our country. And that is not, by far, our only loss. Our sons are the victims of escalating violence and criminal subjugation because they have been brought up to behave lawfully, peacefully, civilized. Our daughters are pawed upon, degraded and gang-raped, because they have been raised to be free human beings. Those, who are to-day small children, will grow up in fear and loss of their own culture, so that their lives will be marked right from the kindergarten. And it will only grow worse with new generations of strangers in the streets. Everyone, who can read and observe the obvious can see that. Even the cheap apartments, that young Danes might be able to afford and where a harmonious family-life might succeed economically, are reserved for strangers. The young Danish families disintegrate, they do not have the strength to have children and the population shrinks. And then we have to invite more barbarians. All this is called "integration", but closely resembles treason, and by God, if we do not have a real flesh-and-blood minister and a whole ministry to head all this nonsense. But worse than all of that is, that the Power-Jews take our soul whilst they are ridiculing us and demand, that we kindly commit national suicide. They do this particularly by paralysing us with more and more filthy mass media that make noise night and take and smartly tell us what we ought to do. That is the thanks for saving the Jews in October 1943, a fact which is mentioned again and again and with much "gratitude". The massive support of the mass media of the Moslem immigration, of perverted, homo-fixated sex even for schoolchildren, the never-ending attempts to undermine family values, nationality, Christianity/church, the royal family, the ongoing fixation on defence of - and mentioning of the ministate, Israel - no matter how terribly it behaves, the more or less hidden nepotism to the advantage of Jews and the never-ending advertisement for Jewish persons, Jewish questions, and Jewish agendas, that is what we get from these media instead of Danish information and in-depth journalism for the use and protection of the Danes.

True and false about "Jew Hate"

They actually use black magic, a version of their secret Cabbala, a mixture of hocus-pocus and fear, which is just abuse of ordinary thought-mechanisms by overwhelming us, paralysing our natural instincts and common sense, and punish those, who don't obey, with expulsion, prison or murder. (Actually the situation in the West, to-day, is in many ways similar to that of Germany in the years prior to Hitler. That is why it is to be expected, that there is currently much yelling about "a new Anti-Semitism". And therefore I bring a Danish translation of a rare text from the national socialistic Germany (1938), as an interesting comparison, that describes the situation in details, as it was in the years before Hitler came to power (Germany and the Jewish Question, see under http:/, where the Jewish question possibly for the first and so far - only time in the history of the world has been investigated thoroughly by a state institute with real allocations, staff and probably unhindered access to information. The text is a summary of a much larger report, probably one of the vanished documents which the allied troops took at the end of the war and stowed away in secret basements. The Germans did not primarily complain that the Jews totally dominated the German government, finance, media and culture, which they did, but that they used this domination in media and culture to ridicule the prostrate Germans, who were, for years after WW I, dirt poor, and lived and ate so miserably, that they died in the streets in great numbers. This created the foundation for Hitler.The domination is far, far greater in the West to-day...........Is this the world you want to give a green light, through dullness and spinelessness? Can anyone at all find happiness in such a world? Do your children not deserve better? I suggest that you use your ability to bring information about the situation out, while there is still time. I want to help you with the Dodo. I take my part in the world-wide "resistance movement", the Revisionists. That is the real way of peace and truth.We do not really have any possibility of free speech to-day (with the internet as a pleasant exception, pt.) before the mass media have been reclaimed from the destroyers. Soon we will not have any freedom of speech left if the Power-Jews get their legislation through also in Danmark. Prime minister, Fogh Rasmussens change of the Danish "exceptions" taking out the refugee-legislations from the area of EU-cooperation, is supposed to make it easier to make the Danes say "yes" to the European Treaty this autumn and thus to accept the German totalitarian penal laws, with long imprisonments for critique of Israel, the holocaust religion and the behaviour of Power-Jews generally.Read Jew hate, (in English at http:/, an article I wrote in April 2004 for The Dane, (the" leading" Danish patriotic magazine) at the request of one of the editors, later rejected by the chief editor. This leading patriotic organisation, Den Danske Forening (The Danish Association) is like the only patriotic Danish party, Dansk Folkeparti (Danish Peoples Party) infiltrated at the top by Zionists. The zealous Zionist, now MP, Søren Espersen, who was my friend and who, to the best of my knowledge was the real originator of that party, is just one of the top-people, who in my view - in their practical politics, if not in words, place Israel's interests before Denmark's, as in the Iraq-war. Unfortunately is probably not from that side, that we can expect an efficient salvation for the Danes, until knowledge of The controversy of Zion has become widespread in the party.The darkness of censorship is slowly, but surely settling over Denmark. We do not have as much time as you may think. If we vote "yes" to the "European Constitution" with removal of the "exceptions" in EU, probably that is the end of the line for freedom of speech for us. (I very important setback for the totalitarians has happened since, with the French "Non" and Dutch "Nee")On the 19th February there was a seminar in Brussels concerning "Anti-Ssemitism" after a farce-like pressure on the EU-commission and its chairman, Romano Prodi. The press was surprisingly quiet about it prior to the meeting. Odd, because the Jewish leaders had for months up until this moment very loudly used the thousand-year old recipe, of first cursing the commission, which had been "weighed and found too light" (about Balthazar, who for the same reason was murdered that very night) and whom "was to learn the truth" and then blessing Prodi with a price of honour ......... The meeting and similar later meetings were intended to result in harder punishment for "anti-Semitism" and "blasphemy" and for tightening of the "racism" legislation like it happened in 1994-95, when Jewish organisations pressed on for the same and had it carried out both in Germany and here in Denmark. If we let them decide, there will soon be only shreds left of our freedom of speech. And then the road will be completely open for: The Destructive Power.

It is you and I, who have to work for a better way.......

Knud Bjeld Eriksen, Virum, 17th February 2005

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