Freedom of speech endangered

Lecture given 03.21.98 by Knud Eriksen

In the Danish 'The Society for Free Historical Research'

Our country has for a long time been drifting towards moral degeneration – a Sodom and Gomorrah. That means that hitherto valid rules for civilized behaviour are being invalidated and gradually removed, and that new moral codes and values, and accompanying prohibitions, are cultivated in their place both morally and legally.

Particularly in the legal category we see a tighter and tighter straitjacket being forced upon the Western Europeans for the protection of the hordes of strangers, which the Western European elites have decided, that we are to receive without sulking. It is this upper-class' worship of the international and “anti-racist” ideal, degrading everything Danish (and European), which is promoted by totally regimented mass media, 24 hours a day, every day. The upper class wallows in money, advertisement and depravity. The propaganda and the dumbing-down is massive and is directed at grown-ups as well as children. It is repeated in all media, in legislation, in violation of Danes in the areas of work, housing and protection of criminals. It is to be forced into the children – ‘played' into them in kindergarten and smuggled into the education in schools through new ‘politically correct' books and newly indoctrinated school-teachers. It is smuggled into the news, films, theatre plays and concerts. It is backed by endless billions of crowns (or dollars).

It is the new religion of “anti-racism”, which is to supplant everything traditional and inherited for the Europeans. Everything national. These values are now also forced upon the Danes from the European Union, as it has been, for a long time, from the UN.

It is the whole world which it being reconstructed in this manner via the international organizations, the world mass media and the power machines of the governments. There is only one exception: Israel – there racism is not only permitted, but prescribed and acknowledged.

If one is dissatisfied with this development, one quickly finds out, that there is precious little chance of getting a word in edgewise. The existing mass media are fanatically preoccupied with the dismantling of Denmark, ridiculing the real Danes and helping the foreign invaders settle in every conceivable way.

The appropriations of our government are furthering this development. Enormous sums are allotted to foreigners to assist them in establishing themselves ever more firmly in our country. Foreigners are pushed into our mass media and the police force. Various ‘centres' are established for the furtherance of the so-called 'human rights', particularly for foreigners, and for the purpose of counteracting so-called 'racism'. We are being muzzled.

And it gets worse. The European Union has for a long time been working at their so-called ‘fight against racism'. The goal is total control over the mass media and educational establishments and 'harmonising' (an Orwellian EU-term meaning 'coordinating') 'racism' punishments according to the toughest models in Europe (such as France and Germany: Up to FIVE years prison).

In a situation of such overwhelming suppression of the Danes – and of all other Europeans for that matter – of everyone in the White, Western culture, one might think, that the final removal of freedom of speech is a minor detail, because we have no chance of using it anyway.

And is there really any use for freedom of speech at all? Most of the Danes are against the take-over of the country, by foreigners, because they can see the disasters coming at us, but it is a very small minority, that will say anything of their own free will or even under pressure. Even fewer will go so far as to write letters to the press etc. against the development. They are pacified. Most active members of the resistance against this foreign invasion, have experienced refusal to talk about it and maybe also coldness and hostility, even in their own families, when they tried to bring it up. How can we fight for the life and freedom of such people? And why should we?

At the elections people clearly vote for money. Threats against their housing, their jobs or maintenance are the decisive factors. Maybe spiced with a little environmental worship. That is the extent of the horizon for most Danes. They simply vote their own executioners in, again and again. It can be hard to find a medicine against such stupidity. My only excuse for them is, that they are deeply brainwashed. It is, however, also a spiritual laziness, which has been predominant for many years, that has made it possible for the Danes to stoop so low as to let their own money be used to destroy themselves.

Granted, one week ago 252.000 (this was 12 years ago, ed. 2010) people voted for the Danish Peoples Party (‘Dansk Folkeparti'), which is that only party which will fight for the Danes. That is a lot of people, but far from enough. How much will these votes matter? If all these people, or just one percent of them, would take their existing freedom of speech seriously and use it, everything would be different. If... if... if... But that is not the way it is.

Freedom of speech is in that sense a psychological problem and a luxury problem. Only very few have any use for it. Soren Krarup (famous Danish priest, author of many books and now, 2010, member of Parliament ‘Folketinget' for the Danish Peoples Party) has been the most prominent critic of the state of affairs. Most people just close their eyes. It is a minute minority, which is willing to go up against the totalitarian forces – without money and without mass media. They see, that freedom of speech is endangered and feel their lives as such endangered – and rightly so. Everyone has the need for free and open communication, which is a basic necessity of life. One could say, that communication, in all its facets, IS life itself, but most people have so little energy and horizon, that they only recognize the need when it is too late. That is a sad fact for the existence of freedom and true democracy.

Those who are running our so-called democracy, by propaganda and force, know that that is the way it is. It is the same “socialist”-types that took over all of Russia with incredible cruelty in 1917. The way, then, to handle those who might have anything to say against the communist terror-regime was to execute the Russian elíte by the tens of thousands. Just belonging to the educated class could mean death. They were later followed by the 65-100 million victims of the so-called “Russian” revolution, if you count victims worldwide.

The so-called '1968' generation' (Cultural Communists) is today controlling the media and the public sector in Denmark. They work more quietly than did the Bolshevist thugs in Russia. They can afford that because there is almost no resistance and plenty of time. They don't feel particularly threatened. And their teachers, the Bolshevists, have taught them how to control the media. But the goal, they are pursuing, seems to be identical with that which the Bolshevists followed in 1917. The same goes for the EU. A totalitarian, materialistic, one-track society, where things like patriotism, religion, king, and traditional virtues, such as devotion, honesty, keeping one's word, thrift, politeness, and the like, are to disappear and be replaced by narcotics, criminality, perversion, reduction to the state of morons, consumption, debt, gambling, lies and nonsense – all in the guise of worshipping “human rights and democracy”.

In the Soviet of the Bolshevists, anti-Semitism was a very serious crime. There was death-penalty for possessing a copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. In this manuscript, from 1901 or 1905, it is described exactly how destruction of society, such as the above, is brought about, and the plan is attributed, in the text, to the Jewish World Congress. The manuscript could not be found in the new Soviet state, for the commissars saw to it, that all copies were found and destroyed, and in the beginning vast sums were offered for it on the black market. A paragraph against 'racism' (of the same nature as the present Danish ‘§266b' in the Danish Penal Code) was included in the so-called ‘freedom-rights' of the Soviet constitution. It was article 36 in the Soviet 'Constitution'. The Soviet Penal code followed it up. The Soviet Penal Code was the model for the more refined European Union and “anti-racism” was just as important then as it is now for the EU-apparatchiks, if one wanted to force so many nations together into a uniform mass. (I think there were - and are - 120).

Of course it was no accident that racism and anti-Semitism were punishable in the Soviet Union all the way through to the disintegration of that slave society. Neither was it an accident that anti-Semitism was considered so serious a crime, that it warranted the death penalty. The so-called “Russian Revolution” was essentially a Jewish revolution since all the preparations and most of the leadership was Jewish. Gigantic sums of money have been spent in an effort to hide this fact, and it has been very harmful to the understanding of our times and also to the subject: Freedom of Speech. The Danish newspapers back then censured the fact away or distorted the facts in their reports from the revolution, and it was no wonder either, since the largest papers had, already then, long been owned by Jews and/or dominated by Jewish writers. That circumstance has not only continued into our times but has also been extended to include the far more dominating electronic mass media of today.

In the Soviet Union the Jews continued to dominate, in spite of the persecution of Jews, that were much advertised by the world media during the reign of Stalin, and in all of the suppressed East European countries Jew-dominated governments were established, and ruled for many years with frightening suppression and terror. Especially the secret services, which made the terror possible, were strongly dominated by Jews. That included the STASI of East Germany. I am not sure what the situation is to-day in this respect in Russia. Probably not much different, and a movement like “Pamyat”, which is Russian and patriotic and of course informs of the Jewish crimes during the revolution, and the communist rule of terror generally, can not get its message out in the main media and is persecuted by the official authorities as being anti-Semitic.

This retrospective look at history is necessary if we are to understand what is endangering our freedom of speech today. It is endangered along with the other freedoms, that will eventually disappear under the totalitarian World Government, which is being established. The European Union is but one part of this program.

A few more historic fact are needed:

When Germany and its race-ideological basis was crushed in WW II it was also a victory for the international socialistic world view. And it was a victory for World Jewry. Only three forces or movements benefited from this war, exactly as the case had been with the First World War: one was Zionism, which was rewarded with a territory, Israel. The other was the World Revolution, which was rewarded by the Western Powers with occupying half of Europe.

The anti-racism and anti anti-Semitism of the Soviet Union was forced upon the conquered countries, Germany and Austria, and it was made punishable by law to have anything to do with nazism, or anything even remotely similar, and to deny the crimes punished by the war crime processes carried out by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

The third force that was empowered by the war and which has since then and into our time stormed forward, is the effort to establish a world government, which same effort had failed prior to the war and with the League of Nations. The United Nations was a genuine jewel for the victors in WW II where the League of Nations had been a mock one after WW I. Now the world government project gradually succeeded through the establishment of the United Nations and an abundance of other international organisations that, over the years, spewed out floods of declarations, treaties and conventions for the formation of an supra-national court of law. This international and supra-national legislation is that, with which they beat us over the head today.

All three movements were then, and are still, Jewish dominated. I must emphasize here, as I always do, that I do not accuse all, or even the majority of Jews. It is a Jew-dominated, filthy rich ruling clique, which operates internationally. Who can call themselves ‘a Jew' is furthermore intensely debated today. It takes extensive research to identify all of the guilty parties, also in Denmark, but the overall picture is quite clear, and have long been known facts to researchers of these matters. The World Revolution is mentioned. Zionism, which is aimed at establishing a great and strong Israel, is mentioned and the World Government , which has its source of origin in the Old Testament God's promise to “Gods Chosen People”, that they will rule over all other peoples. All through history this has been taken most seriously by many Jews and is so today. The leading architects of the United Nations were the Jews: Baruch and Harry Dexter White, plus (non-Jew) Alger Hiss (the latter two both sentenced as Soviet spies). The Jews were over-represented in ratio to their numbers already in the League of Nations, in the endeavours to create international legislation, in the creation of international refugee-legislation etc. etc. They swarmed into the newly formed United Nations and its sub-organisations such as the “One World”-movement. They were in the leadership of the Pan-European Movement (created by count Coudenhove-Kalergi), the European Council and the EU-project (created by the Jew Joseph Retinger). Represented by, among others the Jews Leon Brittan and Mickey Kantor, they were, and are, leading the present day internationalisation of the World Trade Organisation and – Tribunal, (WTO) – one of the most recent sprouts on the wildly growing tree of supra-national bureaucracies.

And last but not least they have total domination in the only world power of today, the USA, where about half of the Clinton administration consists of Jews, (and the same picture is seen today with the Bush administration - and now the Obama-government, too, ed. 2010), even though Jews are only about two percent of the population. Particularly the media of USA, but also in the rest of the worlds' mass media, are primarily Jewish owned. That also goes for the film- and entertainment industries. In the different countries Jews are solidly positioned at the top of society, also primarily in the opinion- and cultural 'industries'. The worlds largest accumulations of money have long been dominated by Jews. From all of these powerful channels the internationalisation-roar rises, which is meant to lead to the almighty world government and the logically following demand for punishment of opponents of this project.

Based on the UN Human Rights declaration and the Nuremberg Tribunal which introduced the idea of “genocide”, a convention was created in 1948 concerning punishment for genocide – also backed by a Jew, Rafael Lemkin. Genocide is represented as the logical end result of racism, and of course with a special view to safeguarding against any doubt or critique about the sacred martyrdom of the Jews during WW II. The idea of genocide has been a decisive factor in the creation of international criminal law, which has been getting more and more out of control in recent years and has culminated with the war crime tribunal in Haag, again with a Jew, Richard Goldstone, as the leading force behind it. And, by the way, with Denmark as an important participant through, among others, the legal expert , Frederik Harhoff. Also Danish Professor Ole Espersen was very interested in joining the tribunal, but instead he got appointed Human Rights Commissar of the Council of the Baltic's, where he is to work with media propaganda and legislation concerning the previously mentioned type of human rights for these ex-communist countries before they get any ideas of their own....

That is the background for the EU discount version of ‘human rights', as mentioned recently ('Politiken' 26.1.98) by the old communist, Keld Albrechtsen of the “Enhedslisten”. The EU does not have to abide by The European Convention of human rights and the findings and interpretations from the tribunal like the individual member states do. That would require an alteration of the treaty, they say. And there has not been any talk of that. That is very unfortunate for freedom of speech, because it is much better protected by article 10 of this convention than by the paragraph 77 in our own Constitution. At least not the way several generations of lawyers have interpreted it. That only gives one the right, in Denmark, to express oneself and then be punished for it. It does not contain any “material freedom of speech”, as it is called in legal language, as opposed to The European Human Rights Conventions article 10, which is based on the article 19 in the United Nations World Declaration of 1948, concerning human rights. The European Human Rights Convention, in full, was made a part of Danish law in 1992.

As a consequence of the acceptance by the European ruling class to allow tens of millions of foreigners from Third World countries into Europe, another so-called 'human right' has become much more important than the ‘freedom of speech' human right – namely the protection of the imported minorities. The 'battle against racism, anti-Semitism' and xenophobia', as the psychiatrists call it, has top-priority in the EU-legislation-mania and freedom of speech has deliberately been reduced to second place. It does not fit into the overall plan.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the Pan-European movement, is quoted as having stated, that he wanted one bastard-race in Europe with the Jews as the natural leaders. The Danish conservative (previous, now Denmarks Secretary of State, 2008) leader, Per Stig Møller, has also played with the idea of enforced race-mixing as the road to eternal peace.

So far, criminal law is an interstate matter in the EU. So the EU cannot dictate to us in that area, so far, and all of our ‘yes-politicians' (to getting more EU-steering), say that the Danish provisos (amongst other subjects Denmark will retain its own Penal Laws, not the much sterner laws re: ‘Freedom of Speech', existing in the much bigger EU countries, like Germany and France) will still be respected, but a new article (rule) concerning fighting racism in the Amsterdam Treaty and a new institute for ‘surveillance of racism' has been established, and is now operating from Vienna. In addition to our own ‘anti-racism institutes' and –'experts', this institute will apply pressure to sharpen our criminal law, so that the racism-paragraph can be more widely used, also so that the 'anti-racism'-centres can start up such cases on their own, and probably also so the 'holocaust-denial' can be made illegal in Denmark, as well. The other European countries will continue working with so-called 'minimum rules' in a 'harmonised' criminal law, which, according to the anti-EU-organisations in reality will force Denmark to follow suit. Thus this Danish proviso is being undermined the same way the others are. How much resistance there will be in Denmark against such legislation is hard to say, for it will be pushed through one way or another with a propped-up happening in the media, such as 'the driving out of the nazis' in Kvaers and Kollund (small towns in Southern Denmark, close to Germany, where the late Thies Christophersen of 'Auschwitz-fame' lived and published historical revisionist materials).

If there is a yes-vote for the Amsterdam Treaty in May (1998), increased propaganda and legislation is to be expected effective from the end of 1999 (after ratification). If there is a no-vote (which there was, k.e.2008), a tightening of the racism-paragraph will be more difficult, but not out of the question, as it is still a matter for the Danish government. The 'Danish' government can very well do the tightening up themselves, as we have seen under then (Jewish) minister of justice, Erling Heymann Olsen.

The EU anti-racism lobby has a Jewish leadership. The chairman of the 'Advisory Council for Combating Racism' is also the chairman of the European Jewish Congress, Jean Kahn. It is the totalitarian instructions of this commission that are followed by the EU. In the commission, that is still operating, Denmark is represented by (former social democrat prime minister) Anker Jørgensen. The powerful organisation of Jean Kahn, and the even more powerful Jewish B'nai B'rith, the European chairman of which was for some years Danish chief rabbi Bent Melchior, have been pushing for this for years prior to the implementation of the EU's anti-racism programs, even though Judaism is, itself, the purest and strongest form of racism. For about 100 years the American subdivision of B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has been doing the same thing along with NAACP, which corresponds closely to our 'INDSAM' or Immigrant Council, and they have particularly promoted the causes of Negroes. These organisations have always been dominated by Jews. In Germany the leading 'anti-racist' is (was) the leader of the Jewish community, Ignatz Bubis. In France (as also in the USA) there is extensive research, that proves, that the so-called professional 'anti-racists' are dominated by Jews. Right now B'nai B'rith (and the French parallel to ADL, ‘LICRA') is working on all fronts to crush Le Pen and Jörg Haider. Especially Le Pen and Front National, which is the strongest nationalistic movement in Europe, are getting the full attention of the Zionists. The new American ambassador, Felix Rotahyn is a top ADL/Mossad agent and he is now working at top speed to destroy Front National. A veritable flood of racism-cases are used and the corrupt media is receiving large sums of money to attack.

As already stated, the Jewish leadership in the so-called 'anti-racism'-religion is thoroughly documented in USA and France after many years of research. I can mention a French work – of course not translated - 'The professionals in anti-racism' ( Les professionels de l'Anti-racisme ) by Yann Moncomble. Also works by Henry Coston. I experienced myself, while visiting France this Easter, how apparently different popular demonstrations against Front Nationals conference in Strasbourg were worked up by Jews and/or the leftwing groups. It had just been stepped up after the remarkable electoral victory of the party in the town Vitrolles. (A Jewish dissident, Benjamin Freedman, whose “Warning to America” from 1961 I have translated in my most recent “Dodo”, states that 98% of the communists of Europe at the outbreak of WW II were Jews – that also appears from Moncombles book concerning France in recent years). Le Pens bombastic speech against the demonstration in Strasbourg and its leading organizer, the socialist mayor of Strasbourg, Catherine Trautmann, is probably how far he could go in his description. According to Danish newspaper Information of 1.4.97, he roared against the “anti-democratic horde”, the Trotskyites, the hooligans, the Jewish lobby and the Freemasons. In a long speech Le Pen condemned “the infamous government, the corrupt politicians, the capitalistic attack-sections of red jackals, the witch hunt organisations, the humanistic parasites carrying AIDS and cancer – that kind do not die from AIDS and cancer, they thrive on it – the grimy rap-singers, the fake researchers, the self-proclaimed intellectuals ... they attack us ... they thrive on the dung heap of political corruption, paedophilia, insecurity, unemployment ... Totalitarianism is rearing its ugly face”.

This happened at the beginning of the EU's “anti-racism”-year. One of the key persons behind the EU's “anti-racism” was Jean Kahn, who was mentioned above. He was also the key person for the French activities during the “year”. It was said of the mass demonstration against Front National in Strasbourg, that no “major central organisation or political leader was the leadership”. Only one committee called “Justice and freedom”. In reality 80 organisations, including the large leftwing parties and the left-oriented, strong unions, were behind it. A written protest against tightening the Aliens Act published on February 11th, simultaneously with the Vitrolles-victory, ended with 3000 names, but the first 59 ones were the names of 59 film directors. In two days it was signed by 155 authors. Later other groups joined, such as 400 actors, musicians, dancers, university professors, students, lawyers, doctors, teachers and journalists. As the article in “Information” 19.2.97 says, “but one of the most recent lists include 91 “common people”....

Jewish-sounding names popped up in key positions all through the anti-Le Pen activities in that spring and in that, which the newspapers called “the wave of citizens” in Strasbourg. First and foremost Kahn and Trautmann. Then there was the authors Halter and Franck. There were the philosophers André Glucksmann and Alain Finkielkraut (the “converted” Marxists, who were in our country imitated with a delay of several years by Notkin and Blüdnikow, probably with the intent to create confusion and distance themselves from the Jewish involvement with communism, - today, 2008 we know they are the ‘Neocons'). Already in 1997 Finkielkraut stated (Jyllands-Posten 19.2.1997) that “it is necessary to invent a popular movement to stop Le Pens progress”. Front National will probably be able to name many more.

The Danes were only brought negative and slanderous news concerning Front National. The reporting was headed by Mette Fugl (TV), Louise Fleisher (Berl.), David Jens Adler (BT), Michael Seidelin (Pol.), Børge Visby (Inf.), Niels Levinsen and Thomas Lauritzen (Aktuelt), Jørgen Ullerup (Jyll.P). Furthermore Jocelyn Noveck (AP) and Kim Amlod (RD) for Krist. Dagbl. And finally I have found a couple of derogatory comments from Eva Jørgensen and Lotte Heise (BT) and a very negative article (Pol. 17.2.97) by Len Munch Andersen. I have been able to find nothing positive in the Danish news media.

The Kahn commission went to work after the EU summit at Corfu during the summer of 1994. Many important things followed. For the first time an Israeli president visited Germany and declared with the perfect understanding of the chairman of the Federal Diet, the Jewess Rita Süssmuth, that it was important to crush racism and anti-Semitism in Germany. In Denmark the Jewish Minister of Justice, Erling Heymann Olsen was “pressured” by Germany to stop racist and neo-nazi propaganda into Germany. An interesting debate concerning the influence of Jews in Denmark started around this time with a letter in ‘Politiken' June 24, 1994, written by the then member of Parliament for “Venstre”, Ole Maisted, and caused much upset with the Jews. The pressure to stop literature – often concerning the Holocaust - going from Denmark into Germany, where it was forbidden, was increased. Chief Rabbi, Bent Melchior, his brother, Arne, and Chairman of Parliaments Commission for Legal matters , Bjorn Elmquist, easily found their way to TV and newspapers. BT was particularly eager, and soon ‘autonomous' circles and international socialists mobilized gangs, that were sent by the thousands by bus to the small towns of Kvaers and Kollund in the fall of 1994 in order to create a “public opinion” by means of terror. Minister for Justice, 'Olsen', followed up with pressure for legislation and shortly after the racism-paragraph was tightened, but not as much as chief rabbi Bent Melchior would have wanted. The small matter of “holocaust-denial” was not made criminal yet.

A major raid in 80 German homes with confiscation of books and criminal sentences followed the grotesque arrest 20.3.95 of the American neo-nazi, Gary Lauck in Denmark, again at the request of Germany. Lauck had written nothing in Danish, even so the supreme court decided, that he could be sentenced by the racism-paragraph in Denmark, so that he could be extradited for a much harsher punishment (4 years of unconditional prison) in Germany for a political thought-crime, not committed in Germany and not punishable in the USA, where he was a citizen. Germany had by New Year 1994/95 raised the maximum punishment to 5 years for ‘holocaust-denial' and Denmark didn't get the racism paragraph tightened until after his arrest, but before his extradition to Germany. But the fact that he should have been sentenced according to the “mild” version did not prevent the supreme court from making an example of him, so that a “crime” which in Denmark would have earned him a couple of months in prison, at the most, was now going to be dealt with in Germany (he was in custody for almost six months and I didn't notice any protests from Preben Wilhjelm (a very vocal Danish legal advocate of ‘human rights'). The newspapers reported at the extradition that he might get a 12-15 years jail sentence!

Yes, that is the style of “Denmark as a pioneering country”. Several intellectuals are currently in prison in Germany for thought-crimes alone. Learned historians, whose research has not confirmed the Jewish version of history, particularly concerning the “6 million gassed Jews” are locked up along with their publishers and politicians, who dare to insist on the same ting. In 1996 thousands of people were jailed or fined for similar thought crimes in Germany. It is just like the Soviet. And that is the conditions they are trying to create in Denmark, if Melchior could have his way. He has moved his B'nai B'rith office to Brussels, so we must assume that he plays a leading role in this Soviet project along with colleague Kahn.

The development follows the outline of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which I have recently published, in Danish, on the internet. (see “Dodo no. 4”). I can recommend a close study of these.

I will now quote a couple of important passages from the protocols with a special view to ‘freedom of speech' remembering to stress, that it has not been proven, that the “protocols” are indeed the Jewish plan for world conquest, that they claim to be. It is the protocols 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Also the article in “Times” needs to be quoted……..

So what can we do about this gloomy situation?

Personally I do not believe, that we can avoid having to go through a period with a very bad and totalitarian Europe, and I think, that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” will be fulfilled and that we shall have a worldwide new Soviet, before in a few or in many years it will meet enough resistance and hopefully a final failure. I believe, that we will have to go through something like a Third World War, which will either do away with the dictatorship or totally lock it in place as planned. Ordinary people are too dull and indifferent, and the destructive forces are too strong. But good people are not beaten down by tough resistance. It is our duty to use what freedom of speech we still have to do the best we can for others, that are being persecuted and for the benefit of our descendants.

The best thing to do is to stick together, both nationally and internationally. Support the people, that you can see are active, strong and honest. Participate in documentation and unveiling of the totalitarian mess, if not for any other reason, then in order to give your offspring a chance to get the knowledge, they will need to fight evil. I prefer the internet, but all methods will have some effect.

The Danish Peoples Party is the strongest national power in Denmark, but the top people seem to be suffering form a great deal of dishonesty, which means weakness in the long run. F. ex. The leader, Pia Kjaersgaard disapproves of Le Pen, who is clearly the locomotive for the liberation of the nations. She should support him and learn from him in every conceivable way. She and her leadership have “cleaned” the party of everybody, who in her opinion are “extremists”, which you will be considered to be, particularly if you happen to mention the word “Jew”. Well, if you understood the outline I have just given, then what sense does that make? The leaders have knowingly or unknowingly become henchmen in the internationalists vicious game. They are recommended to read “The protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Let us hope, that someone can bring about more honesty in the head of Kjaersgaard and her ‘assistants', Espersen (who has subsequently shown himself to be an arch-Zionist, spokesman for this party's Foreign policy, often seemingly even speaking for the government, of which he is not a part, and courted by the entire press, of course, ed.), Skaarup and Thulesen-Dahl. I think it can only be done by a well organised and well formulated, growing, pressure-group. You might try to contribute to that. Presently it cannot be done through “Den danske Forening” as it suffers from exactly the same malady, called “Kosher-conservatism”.

Otherwise we must be prepared for, what Harald Nielsen (best known Danish intellectual anti-Judaist and anti-Zionist) says in “Parachute Troops” (see Dodo no. 4), that “countrymen become executioner's assistants against countrymen” and “in such a people there will be nothing left but to state the facts, outline the chain of events and point out the consequences”.

Knud Eriksen , 21.3.98

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