The Legal Madhouse of Anti-Racist Europe

- a Background


Original manuscript for Speech given by Knud B. Eriksen at the EURO Conference, Nov. 8, 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee (Actual Speech is shorter and different from the manuscript).

In my 1943 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica I can find no definition of the term: ”racism”. The word does not exist in this the world's most famous encyclopedia at that time. Yet today, November of 2008, only 65 years later, two young men are awaiting extradition from my native country of Denmark, to Germany, for a so-called 'crime of racism and xenophobia' – a 'thought-crime', where they face an almost certain sentence of up to five years in prison. (The word 'xenophobia' did not exist in my 1943 encyclopedia, either).

What has happened in the meantime?

Well, the short explanation is, that Europe has become a legal madhouse in the long drawn out process of its destruction by invading foreigners from the third world - mainly muslims, in our part of the world. It is a closely managed process. (also see here and here)

The level of absurdity has gone far beyond the point of the European Union's standardization of cucumbers, forbidding the curved ones. You saw to what lengths of corruption, in spite of their lipservice to 'democracy', the EU masters will go, when they dared to impose sanctions on the 'sovereign' nation of Austria in February of 2000, when that member country of the EU, in a totally democratic manner, elected a government, in which nationalist Jörg Haider and his Freedom Party took part.

The second time, recently, when this 'danger' of a 'racist' government appeared in an even bigger size (30 pct. support from the people for the so-called 'racist' policy, as opposed to 27 pct. last time), Haider (1)died conveniently (2) (3) in a car crash immediately after the election.

You also see the totally undemocratic, corrupt reaction, where EU leaders now simply intend to neglect the clearcut 'no' by the Irish people recently, to the latest totalitarian extention-type EU 'Treaty of Lissabon' and just go ahead with the project, which is legally a total impossibility.

And this process has been accelerated, after 9-11, in all European countries by 'Anti-terror laws', equivalent to the American 'Patriot Acts'. Furthermore you will find many other versions of this kind of totalitarian legislation among Western countries, the 'hate laws' or 'anti-racism laws', the 'Denial of Holocacust laws' and also a widespread totalitarian introduction and use of exactly those new terms and categories of 'Racism, Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia', in Europe and beyond, following an identical pattern from country to country.

This totalitarian scheme was what was needed by the Zionist powers behind Western governments, media and academia, that have laboured in astounding unison for many years to subdue the original white populations there. It has a long history. Obviously the legal harassment and jailing of dissidents is just one leg of the oppression, although a very important one.


Five years prison better than being 'suicided'or 'accidented'.

I think you must see the jailings of people for saying 'alternative truths' about the Holocaust of Jews or other truths about Jews, as the 'Zionist Occupation Government's' humanitarian alternative to a hit by the Mossad. It is still – for a time – bad manners in Europe to kill politicians you disagree with. And it gives a terribly bad public relations effect. Also it is a bit impractical with the thousands of dissidents now in jail. This may change, as the Jewish mafia from Russia and Eastern Europe expands and proliferates in Europe, creating a desensitization to political murders. As yet, it is very costly for Israel's public relations, if the recent death of for instance, Jörg Haider of Austria, should be proven, or just even more heavily suspected, to be a murder by the Mossad. Already, the suspicions of a Mossad hit, are widespread, in Haiders case, or generally, when a rightwing politician suddenly looses his zest for life and commits suicide or becomes very, very clumsy and dies in an accident, just when he gets to be a really serious danger for the Zionist Jewish interests of multiculturalizing Europe or their other agendas, as also happened with German top-politician, Jürgen Möllemann a few years ago.

In that light we may have to see the absurd laws against 'racism', 'anti-Semitism' and the so-called 'holocaust denial'.

Such murders are certainly not beyond the Israeli Mossad murder- and spying-apparatus as revealed by the whistleblower, previous Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky in his two books, By Way of Deception (1990) and The Other Side of Deception (1995) .

According to him the German politician Uwe Barschel had been killed by the Mossad on October 11., 1987 (for knowing too much about an Israeli-Iranian weapons deal) , and he also told in a later article that the Mossad had planned a car accident for himself (Ostrovsky). He tells in one of his books that the common assassination method of his agency in Europe and North America is: Car accident. No doubt such techniques have been refined in the intervening 18 years, during which time electronics, remote control, computers, satellites, biochemistry etc. have reached astounding levels of refinement.

In recent years there have been other spectacular 'accidents', 'suicides' or plain murders, where Jewish interests were clearly at stake, directly or indirectly:

Firts, as mentioned, the German top-politician and perceived enemy of Israel, Jürgen Möllemann, who, on June 5., 2003 , jumped to his dead in a parachute, that didn't unfold, although he was a very, very experienced parachuter, and at this time he was the only outspoken high-level German critic of Jews and Israel, and therefore a perceived top-enemy of their interests in the otherwise cowed and strategically vital Germany. Or the 'suicide' of the British weapons expert and UN weapons inspector, David Kelly , (July, 17., 2003 ) just when he put a wrench in the Iraq-war-for-Israel propaganda, by denying the intelligence reports concerning Saddam Husseins weapons of mass destruction.

There have been recent murders, where the Jewish dominated media have been guilty in so far as they have dehumanized the victims as 'racists' etc. for a very long period prior to the murders. Also for being the main pushers of the Third World immigration into Europe in the first place.This was the case with Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh of Holland in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

But back to direct connections - if we go some years further back, Douglas Reed, the famous foreign correspondent of the London Times, in his book, The Controversy of Zion (CoZ), mentions a number of important people, who died, just when they became a serious threat to the World Revolution or the Zionist enterprise of Israel. He calls it: 'fate intervened again'

There was American top-politician, Huey Long , assassinated by a Jew in 1935. Long could have prevented the re-election of president Roosevelt. An openly Jewish-led murder intervened . (CoZ, 319)

'The murder of the German diplomat, Ernst von Rath, november 9, 1938 in Paris, (exactly 70 years ago) by a Jew (here and here) was the shot of Sarajevo which in effect opened the Second World War'. (CoZ, 322)

In april 1945, President Roosevelt died, a few days after he had promised the arab king Ibn Saud that ' I would take no action…..which might prove hostile to the Arab people' Fate intervened again. (CoZ, 428)

In 1946 , A Jewish secret assassination attempt on Britain's anti-Zionist Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin was thwarted by British intelligence. (here and CoZ, 431) . 'Fate almost intervened', you might say.

The first openly terrorist murder of a prominent politician by modern Israel was, of course, right at the mini state's conception, Count Folke Bernadotte, 1948 . When he arrived in Palestine as the UN peace representative and tried to also listen to the Palestinians, he was murdered by a Jewish terrorist organisation. An openly Jewish murder organisation intervened.(CoZ, 460)

Then, in 1949 , United States Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal , happened to jump from a tall hospital building in a claimed 'suicide' (CoZ, 447) . He wanted to keep Israel out of United Staes foreign policy, and was seen by top Jews as an enemy of Israel. Fate intervened again. (CoZ, 439)

Then, even in the case of Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin, who died on March 5,, 1953 , 'fate intervened', as he allegedly was about to begin a major deportation of Jews. And several prominent Jewish doctors were on trial for trying to poison the Soviet leadership, read here. (CoZ, 500)

Douglas Reed also gives earlier occasions, when 'fate intervened' in this way: As with the Russian reform Czar Alexander II , who was assassinated in 1881 . This started the progroms and mass emigration of Jews, primarily to The United States, and later Count Stolypin, 1911, who had been very active to improve the lots of Jews in Russia. (he was shot by a Jewish revolutionary). These two reformers had been busy removing real grievances among the Russians, but this was not what the revolutionary Jews were interested in. So 'fate intervened' (CoZ 240). And of course, the murder czar Nicholas II and his entire family by Jewish bolsheviks (CoZ 277).

Or the enormously influential and popular Lord Kitchener, whose cruiser was sunk by a German u-boat, in 1916 , while he was on a mission to keep Russia in the war on the side of the allies, and avoid revolution, in the First World War, and Reed says 'Probably Zionism could not have been foisted on the West, had he lived'. Fate intervened. The Boshevik Jewish led revolution and a near century of Russia as the world's largest prisoncamp ensued with the enormous mass murder of communism amounting to the in incredible figure of 100 million human beings worldwide. (CoZ, 248 and 'The Black Book of Communism')

Or the Ukrainian national hero, Symon Petliura , who, in 1926 was murdered openly by a Jewish Soviet agent . Bolshevik Russia had persistently tried to have Petliura extradited, lest he might lead a counterrevolution in Ukraine, but didn't succeed, so 'fate had to intervene'. Instead of the Jew being hanged for the murder, this incident gave birth to the LICRA, (and here) the European parallel organisation to the US Anti Defamation League (ADL). It is today one of the most powerful 'anti-racist' lobby groups in the EU, behind the oppressive 'anti-racism laws'.

And finally, back again in the modern era, there was the asssassination of president John F. Kennedy in 1963 , where author Michael Collins Piper has claimed, with hundreds of references for proof, that Israel's Mossad had a heavy involvement, and this because Kennedy was against Israels ongoing project to get the atom bomb. In any case, also here again 'fate intervened' , and Israel went ahead.

'Fate also intervened' to remove the murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald, before he could reveal anything, as he was killed shortly afterwards by a Jew, Jack Ruby, or Jacob Rubinstein.

And then, this murderer, himself, exited the scene 4 years later, as 'fate intervened' and he got ill and died, just as a date was being set for a new trial after he successfully had repealed his death sentence. Vital secrets concerning the Kennedy-assassination may have died with him.


Denmark's Famous Freedom of Speech meets European Arrest Warrant

Back to the two young men who today are threatened with an extradition to Germany, (also here and here) from Denmark, and five years in prison for thought crimes. The humanitarian solution for dissidents, remember?

What had they done then? The two 'neo nazi's (I don't know if they are or not), a Danish citizen, and a German citizen, (he being an actual refugee from German persecution), were accused of having sold CD's with so-called 'hate-music' to Germans via the internet. The German authorities of suppression of free thought and speech are very worried about this kind of music, as it is so popular among many young people. And the German police claims, that although the 'crime' was committed in Denmark (where it is not a crime, or at the most could result in a fine or a much less severe jail sentence under our 'anti-racism' law, the music was meant for the German market, and therefore the 'crime' was committed in Germany. A swat-team type of arrest by twelve policemen (German and Danish) with dogs, dramatically initiated the case, as the police one morning charged into the apartment, where the accused Dane was asleep with his young daughter.

The Danish Ministry of Justice made the decision to deliver the two men to German police following a new law from 2003 originating in a EU 'framework decision' of 2002 concerning a so-called 'European Arrest Warrant', and a Danish Court only had to ensure, that the formalities of the new law had been observed, and therefore upheld the decision by the ministry. It did not matter that the claimed crime might not be a crime in Denmark, so long as it was in Germany. That was the praised new 'fast track' expedition of criminals between member states in the EU in action. The ruling of the court has now been appealed to a higher court two weeks ago, and it is going to be very exciting to see if the ruling is overturned by it or not. But in the present legal madhouse climate of Europe, you cannot expect a sane decision by a Danish court (they were extradited to Germany after all appeals had been exhausted, ed.), only hope, and also hope, that people in Denmark, in the EU and in the rest of the West will wake up and protest such glaring breaches of Human Rights.

Denmark is well known for Free Speech today, in all parts of the world, following the case of the Mohammed Cartoons, which got worldwide publicity. Our present prime minister, Mr. Fogh Rasmussen (and here), has time and again spoken publicly about our holy Freedom of Speech, which no-one should try to attack, and so have several other top politicians in Denmark, as well as leading media people and opinion leaders of all kinds. Yet, neither the prime minister, nor a single one of these other 'fighters for Freedom of Speech' has raised his or her voice in defense of our Freedom of Speech in this matter.

This quiet expedition of extradition did not happen in a similar case in England, where a more famous 'thought-criminal', Dr. Frederick Töben, of Australia, whom most of you have probably heard of, was arrested in Heathrow Airport, England, while in transit from USA to Dubai. He is also wanted now by Germany, and through the same 'European Arrest Warrant' procedure. In his case the crime consists of apparently posting so-called 'anti-Semitic' material and 'holocaust-denying' material on the website of his Australian organisation of historical revisionism, the Adelaide Institute. Thus, the German judiciary, in this case even claims international jurisdiction, as his 'crime' is committed on the internet, from Australia, where it is not a crime. Of course he has had a high priority for the thought police of Germany because of his leading role in the 'Holocaust Conference' in Teheran, Iran in December of 2006. His defense argues that he will not get a fair trial i Germany. Töben won the case in the lower court, and the State prosecutor (acting for the German State Prosecutor) has appealed. But at least it was won so far, and caused the necessary upset in wider circles. (Later, the case was won completely in the higher court, as the German prosecution gave up- but only temporarily.)

So Germany is at the Center of this newest witchhunt, a fact we have known for a long time, but now apparently the country can reach the corners of the world with the extradition-craze which they are advancing frantically, under pretext of 'Anti-terror' initiatives, and particularly with this new fast-track extradition procedure of the 'The European Arrest Warrant'. It was during the German tenure of the rotating Precidency of the European Union that German chancellor Angela Merkel and her Jewish Minister of Justice, Brigitte Zypries succeeded in having finally the European Framework Decision on 'Fighting Racism, Anti-semitism and Xenophobia' enacted throughout the EU (with variations from country to country).

Of course it had to be Germany which would lead this legal madhouse and begin the onslaught on our freedoms, especially Freedom of Speech. It is Germays standard of up to five years in prison for 'racism' or 'holocaust denial' which is the model that is copied, if at all possible. Unless a country has already given a higher maximun penalty, as has Lithuania, where the maximum for this is 10 years!

Why Germany and why Lithuania in the forefront. Well Germany is in reality still a conquered and occupied country, where a constitution, imposed by the conquerors command an 'anti-racist' and 'anti-anti-democratic' behaviour, and this is most seriously demonstrated by the German secret police'Verfasssungsschutz' (Defence of the Constitution) and political court 'Verfassungsgericht' (Constitutional Court) which stamp down any smallest group or any smallest utterance of a nature deemed 'racist' or 'holocaust denial'

But why the small Baltic country of Lithuania would surpass even Germany was a mystery to me until I found out, that the country had been a Jewish stronghold for hundreds of years.

But as soon as you dig just a bit deeper, you quickly find out, that it is not 'Germany', 'England', 'Lithuania', 'France', 'Poland' or Denmark. It's the organized Jewish communities, headed by what I call the 'power Jews' or 'Jewish extremists' in each of those countries, which spearhead this totalitarian drive for a legal madhouse with the taste of Middle Ages burning, jailing, holy censorship and general superstitious oppression. In my speech I will unavoidably have to mention Zionism and Jews a number of times. And therefore I - again - remind listeners, that I never mean 'all Jews' when I say 'Jews'. I talk of the leading voices in todays Jewish communities, in media, governments and banking.

As Mark Weber of the 'Institute for Historical Review' and here says in an article of October 15, 2008 on the subject: ” 'Holocaust denial' laws are the result of a well-organized, long-term Jewish campaign. In 1982, the Institute for Jewish Affairs in London, (and here) a London-based agency of the World Jewish Congress, announced that it was launching a worldwide campaign to persuade governments to outlaw 'Holocaust denial'. The anti-revisionist laws that were subsequently enacted in several European countries reflect the success of this initiative. Germany enacted its 'Holocaust denial' statute in 1985 (amended in 1994), France in 1990, Austria in 1992, Belgium in 1995, and Slovakia in 2001. Underscoring the organized nature of this campaign, the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists in June 1998 called for new and more severe laws against “Holocaust denial.”

It was in 1994 that the German Constitutional Court decided, that the 'holocaust denial' law did not infringe on Freedom of Speech, since 'the holocaust had been proved to be a truth' – and the maximum sentence got raised to 5 years prison at the same time.

Yes, for sure! And the EU has become a major weapon in the hands of the power Jews. It may well prove to be the awaited 'Messias', although not a person. Its undemocratic, unelected, bureaucratic nature with its mountains of paper and avalances of new treaties and laws, that not even the heads of state read before they are released on the unhappy populations, is an ideal for obfuscating the rather simple Jewish racket of subduing the West. It is modelled on the Soviet Union, even the 'anti-Semitism' legal rule came from the Soviet constitution. Not strange when you learn that Jews were the main leaders in the Bolshevik revolution. It seems that this type of society is what will inevitably emerge, when Power Jews seize power anywhere.

And the emerging NAU (North American Union) will be modelled on and supported by the achieved successes of the European Union.

If you go even deeper, you find that for more than a century, Jewish organisations have battled for these ideas. And their co-operation has been so good that we must envy them. These organizations, of course, are the powerful World Jewish Congress, the B'nai B'rith, but also literally hundreds of others, hiding behind weird acronyms and cover titles, such as 'Organisations for Human Rights' 'Association against intolerance' or the like. It is as if they want to paralyze and pacify the populations by these overwhelming amounts of organisations, treaties, laws, regulation, articles, and news-spots. And of course this is what they want and do achieve. They have got us overwhelmed and 'train-spotting' Jewish-led entities for suppression of Free Speech.

Parallel to this totalitarian spread of Jewish-instigated laws a closer co-operation between the EU and Israel itself has made an even higher degree of Israeli infiltration into the European legal madhouse a certainty. In this co-operation one should focus on the so-called 'Action Plan', in which 'fight against anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia' has highest priority. In June 2008 the EU Commission (the actual, unelected government of EU) decided to upgrade this co-operation and to have the 'Action plan' implemented by April of 2009.

'Benita Ferrero Waldner, the EU's external relations commissioner, has indicated that she is keener to foster closer ties with Israel than with almost any other country in the Mediterranean region. As well as remarking that Israel is 'closer to the European Union than ever before,' she said that a 'reflection group' is studying how relations between the two sides can be upgraded to a 'truly special status.' Whereas formal bodies have been set up to deal with human rights questions in Morocco and Jordan, only an informal 'working group' addresses such issues in the case of Israel. Israel is generally treated as if it is a member of Europe despite being outside it - just as it is for Soccer and for the Eurovision contest - yet its religiously biased constitution is a bar from membership.' (excerpt from Janine Roberts 'The Influence of Israel in Westminster' in The Palestinian Chronicle, May 24, 2008. See also resistance to this co-operation

Remember, in this context, that Israel also has wanted domestic laws in which it claims universal jurisdiction, that is, the right to have people extradited to Israel from anywhere in the world for criminal trial - crimes, as defined by Israel, of course. And at the same time it has a record of refusing to extradite even Jewish gangsters and murderers, when requested. The usual double standard in action here. It requested, for instance, in 1983, and got in 1986, John Demjanjuk extradited from the USA to face a death sentence for 'nazi crimes'. Only the obvious lack of evidence and obvious false evidence compelled Israels Superior Court to finally acquit him.

Israel, then, and by extension, the 15 or more million Jews in the 'diaspora's of the world, thus have, as indicated above, a very big stake in the evolving legal madhouse emerging around the 'fight against Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia' in the EU.

And it is planned to go much further than the legal scene. The European-Mediterranean partnership is just the beginning in the direction of the creation of the Greater European Empire, encompassing North Afrrica, Turkey, and the Middle East, specifically and particularly Israel, and this is then going to be one of the big chunks of centralized administration of the world, and with Israel as a member in the long run, this would likely mean Jerusalem will become the de facto capital, and maybe also the future designated capital of EU.

The power of a mongrelized and financially destroyed American Empire – then plunged into the NAU – the North American Union – can then easily be surpassed by a stronger EU, and the old prophesy of Jerusalem as the center of the world, fulfilled.


The occult nature of Jewish power politics

Many writers have noted the occult strains of the Jewish community. An example of this is the Israeli dissident, Barry Chamish, who says, that the governing elite in Israel and in Zionism 'are not Jews', but occultists, he calls them 'shabbataians' , after the false 17th Century messias, Shabtai Zvi (or Sabbatai Zevi). This is the Kabbala. Dr. David Duke also talks much about the Chabad-Lubavitch Jews. This is also Kabbala at work. These groupings are very influential 'considered the most dynamic force in Jewish life today', and the occult part of Judaism has always been there. It needs to be studied much more in depth by Gentiles, for it is my belief, that a lot of what happens, happens according to the rules and ideas of occult Kabbala.

Numbers, dates, symbols, rituals are very important.

Thus, as one infamous example, the national socialist leaders were executed on the Jewish Day of Judgement (CoZ). The Jewish holidays and the events they memorize are symbolic of – and prophetic of – events to happen.

The year 1999, as possibly a very important fact by itself, is said to have been 'the year of the coming of Messias' (– when he comes to enslave the rest of humanity, since Shabtai Zvi's heralded 1666 turned out to be false). The kabbalistic explanation of this and the holiness of the number '6' is explained in detail in the 'National Journal' website. (For a more mainstream rendition of the history of the Jews, where also the kabblistic strong tendencies are touched upon, see A History of the Jews, 1987, 2001 by Paul Johnson, the British historian. Also Israel Shahak in his book Jewish History, Jewish Religion , London 1994 is a source for this.)

In these days of the 'Obamessias' or 'Dalai Lobama', let's realize that mr. Obama's race is not right for a Jewish messiah, even if he beat the obvious media-created opponent clown, 'the McPain', nor is the year correct, kabbalistically speaking.

Therefore, let's instead look for important events in favour of the Zionist World Conquest happening in the year 1999.

The Jewish New year corresonding to this year, 5760, started in September 1999 and would then last a year from that date.

Could it be, that an order went out to the Zionist headquarters of the world, that

•  1999 was the actual year of the Messiah, i.e. the subjugation of Gentile mankind.

•  That this needed not be a person, but could be interpreted to be a condition or maybe an 'entity' such as the European Union (former Danish Chief Rabbi, Bent Melchior, in an interview said so much. He is now working flat out to get more indoctrination and anti-racism legislation handed out from the EU, especially hiding behind the large muslim minorities, see here)

•  That, according to magic laws, once a magic will is initiated, it WILL happen in the physical universe, and it is only a question of time.

•  That once the EU had become, in essence, as subjugated as the old Soviet Union, its concept, system, philosophy, could be successfully exported to the other parts of the world, where similar setups were underway (as NAU for the American continent).

The 'European Framework Decision' which would include the suggested gagging laws for all 27 meber countries as well as the EAW (European Arrest Warrant), under a separate paragraph, was initiated in October of 1999. The Stasi Type Centre in Vienna 'European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia' had already been established earlier, in June of 1997, to prepare the ground for the 'Decision'.

The Treaty of Amsterdam from 1997 came into force on May 1, 1999 . In it an article 13 about 'non-discrimination', was for the first time included at constitution-level.

The Convention that was to draft this basic treaty on which the EU based its sanctions against Austria in february of 2000, held its constituent meeting in December 1999. It came into force one year later.

The equivalent of ADL, the LICRA initiated a much more extended area of action under its new chairman, as of 1999 , Patrick Gaubert, who is also vice-chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. He had been special adviser in the office of the French Minister for the Interior, with responsibility for measures against racism (1986-1988). Among such activities were a so-called ‘Jewish-Muslim Dialogue' where Jews would try to enrol muslism in a common struggle against racism, and in this way hide behind muslims and use them and their complaints in the gagging legislations.

And the Austrian election which spurred the EU sanctions took place in the last part of 1999. The sanctions were discussed and obviously agreed on during the first Stockholm International Forum in January 2000 – a Holocaust Conference series.

These several important advances toward tyranny therefore took place during the Jewish year of the Messias

It is conceivable that several other rackets were hatched in this 'Messianic Year'.

Could it be that the plan for letting a disaster take place to advance the gagging laws in the rest of the West, particularly in The United States was decided upon and carried out starting in the Messianic year of 1999 /2000?

Could it be, that the establishment of NATO as the de facto world army, after the bombings from March to June 1999 was another part of this entity of 'Messias'. NATO surely took the right to invade sovereign countries as it pleased to impose the neoconservative version of World Goverment. This established order would then also be actual in the occult kabbalistic year of 1999.

Could it be, that plans for the ongoing concentration of all finacial power in Zionist hands (including the theft of the american and other Western wealth as happens in the current world financial crisis) was decidedly advanced in that year?

Could it be, that the wars to come: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Syria – maybe even a World War III were agreed upon and programs initiated or very much advanced in 1999 , so that we just see the kabbalistic unfolding of an already detailed plan for world conquest?

France as a case

In Europe, in particular, the development of the 'Anti-Racism' racket has been best researched in France by intellectuals, in opposition to it, such as Yann Moncomble, in his book from 1987 Les Professionels de l'Antiracisme ('The Professionals in the Anti-Racism Industry') (also here, here, here and here), which you could call a forerunner to Norman Finkelsteins The Holocaust Industri, only much more candid and particularly describing the French situation. Also Henri Coston (and here) and lately by the nationalist party Front National and people connected to it.

So, even if I could be supposed to know the Danish scene best, I find the French one much more illustrative and well documented. If time permits I could go more into that, as the events, organisations and persons mentioned for France give instructive and total proof, that this whole racket of outlawing 'Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-semitism' is a totally 'kosher' thing. France has a very long and well developed tradition for research in Jews and Jewish matters and I remember how at a Front National Congress in Stassbourg some 10 years ago I was astonished and delighted to find bookstands, with many books containing well researched topics of Jewish influence in France and the world at large. Especially a brick of a book consisting entirely of 'Name Changes' –where the Jewish real names for thousands of Jewish people (French as far as I remember) were given along with their 'Gentile, changed name'.

At that congress, I heard Le Pens bombastic speech in spring of 1997, against the demonstration in Strasbourg , and its leading organizer, the socialist mayor of Strasbourg, Catherine Trautmann, and it was probably how far he could go in his description. According to Danish newspaper Information of 1.4.97, he roared against the “anti-democratic horde”, the Trotskyites, the hooligans, the Jewish lobby and the Freemasons. In a long speech Le Pen condemned “the infamous government, the corrupt politicians, the capitalistic attack-sections of red jackals, the witch hunt organisations, the humanistic parasites carrying AIDS and cancer – that kind do not die from AIDS and cancer, they thrive on it – the grimy rap-singers, the fake researchers, the self-proclaimed intellectuals ... they attack us ... they thrive on the dung heap of political corruption, paedophilia, insecurity, unemployment ... Totalitarianism is rearing its ugly face”.

For several more details I will refer you to my article 'Freedom of Speech Endangered' at . But let me continue with an excerpt:

'This happened at the beginning of the EU's “anti-racism”-year. One of the key persons behind the EU's “anti-racism” was Jean Kahn (here and here), who was mentioned in my article '(top-Jew of France. He gave name to the so-called 'Kahn Commission', which was 'the most wideranging administrative co-operation established at the Corfu European Council in 1994. He was also the key person for the French 'anti-racist' activities during the “year”.)

It was said of the mass demonstration against Front National in Strasbourg, that no “major central organisation or political leader was the leadership”. Only one committee called “Justice and freedom”. In reality 80 organisations, including the large leftwing parties and the left-oriented, strong unions, were behind it. A written protest against tightening the Aliens Act published on February 11th, simultaneously with the Vitrolles-victory, ended with 3000 names, but the first 59 ones were the names of 59 film directors. In two days it was signed by 155 authors. Later other groups joined, such as 400 actors, musicians, dancers, university professors, students, lawyers, doctors, teachers and journalists. As the article in “Information” 19.2.97 says, “but one of the most recent lists include 91 “common people”....

Jewish-sounding names popped up in key positions all through the anti-Le Pen activities in that spring and in that, which the newspapers called “the wave of citizens” in Strasbourg. First and foremost Kahn and Trautmann. Then there was the (Jewish) authors Halter and Franck. There were the (Jewish) philosophers André Glucksmann and Alain Finkielkraut (the “converted” Marxists, who were in our country imitated with a delay of several years by (top Danish Jews) Notkin and Blüdnikow, probably with the intent to create confusion and distance themselves from the Jewish involvement with communism, - today, 2008 we know they are the ‘Neocons'). Already in 1997 Finkielkraut stated ( Jyllands-Posten 19.2.1997) that “it is necessary to invent a popular movement to stop Le Pens progress”.'

In his book Les Professionels del'Antiracisme (The Professionals of the Anti-racism Business) French Yann Moncomble goes back to the early and humble beginnings of the most powerful of the myriad of 'anti-racist', and 'human rights' organisations and demonstrates conclusicely, that they were initiated and led, through the last century, by Jews and communists, often overlapping, as mentioned also by the Jewish whistleblower, Benjamin Freedman, who in the periodical Common Sense amongst other things revealed, that 'So-called 'Jews' coined the term 'Anti-Semitism' as a smear-word; as a smoke-screen for communism!'- And he divulged that at the outbreak of the Second World War 98 percent of the communists were Jews.

The main organisations among the incredible multitude of such, to combat 'Anti-semitism' and 'Anti-Racism' are the LICRA, The Ligue for Human Rights and Amnesty International . It is shown in Moncombles book, how they had Jewish origins and have ever since constantly been managed by Jews in the most important positions. Let me here mention the two most important ones:

League for Human Rights (La Ligue des Droits de l'Homme) was caused by the trial, sentencing, jailing and final acquittal of the Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus. Founded in 1898. Staffed and supported heavily by Jews ever since.

LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism' started as 'The League against Pogroms' in 1927 after the Jew Sholom Schwartzbart had murdered the Ukrainian national hero and enemy of the Bolsheviks in Paris in 1926. It then became LICA (League against Anti-Semitism) but changed name in 1979 to the present LICRA in order to take full advantage of the cornerstone anti-racist law enacted in France in 1972. It took 51 years, before the LICA found out that it missed the word ”racism” in its name.

But one of the leading Jewish ”anti-racists” and organisers behind the organisations, the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, adapted the famous words by René Descartes: 'I think, therefore I am!' more to his liking: 'I hate, therefore I am!'. This, in a short form tells you the philosophy behind these myriad organisations.

The evolution of the 'definition' of the word ” racism ” in the French Encyclopedias – which the Jews of France, admittedly, have had a heavy hand in goes like this, and is pretty illustrative too ( Les Professionels.. p. 280):

1933: ( Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustre) NO mention of the word! (p. 853)

1950: (same source) 'A theory which seeks to preserve the unity of the race in a nation'.

1961: (same source) 'A system, which affirms the superiority of one racial group over the other, especially presupposing its separation from the others inside a country (racial segregation).

1986: ( Petit Robert ) 'A theory of the hierarchy of races, which concludes the necessity to preserve the supposed superior race from any racemixing, and its right to dominate the other races'

1987: ( Petit Larousse ) 'Ideology, which confirms the superiority of one racial group over the others, presupposing especially a segregation from these, inside a country (racial segregation), or even aiming at their extermination (genocide, racism of the nazis)'

What an evolution of the 'definition'!

Another Jewish opinionleader in France, mentioned in the French book, once stated:

'I am first a socialist, then French and only last, a Jew'

To which an Israeli diplomat commented:

A good thing, that in Hebrew we read everything backwards!'

Knud Eriksen
, Nov. 8. 2008

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