Treason and Idiocy taken to Top Level

By Knud Eriksen

Roskilde is the place where even more remnants have now been found from a long gone past, when men were men and women were women. Therefore I ask: When we have been able to find physical evidence of the craftmanship and seamanship of the Vikings, shouldn't we see, if we can find a little realism, strength and responsibility towards our own people, which was their hallmark, when a thousand years ago they knew how to defend themselves against inflowing strangers.

It is foolish of the local politicians to jump on The Mutual List against Immigration ( Faelleslisten mod Indvandring) and me with their self-destructive knee-jerk reactions. In reality there is nothing beautiful about their pandering the foreigners' gradual taking over of our country. They themselves think, that they have a beautiful "view of humanity". How miserable! In order to further the foreigners' taking over of our country, they have to step on their own people, ruin the lives of their descendants and participate in a comedy so dishonest, sneaky, totalitarian and destructive, that the all time lows of the 20th Century nazism and communism are pure paradise in comparison.The Vikings would not understand what is going on in the official Denmark to-day especially in the press and in politics and what passes for thinking. Why? Because they were far more healthy people who would never have let treason and idiocy gain so much power. The official "thinking" and "politics" concerning the problem of foreigners, which has, in only a few years, turned Denmark into a "multi-ethnic society", should not be honoured with such phrases at all. Those "responsible" are in my view deeply irresponsible and should be taken to court for trial. Hopefully this will happen before long. The criminal code, chapter 12 concerning activities injurious to the state should be changed, so that it encompasses the present treason. Thereafter greater and lesser criminals, starting with Birthe Weiss and continuing with many others, should have a suitable jail-sentence and thereafter be exiled. A couple of years ago, in "Hoejlunds Forsamlingshus (a talk show)", I confronted the then minister of internal affairs, Birthe Weis with the question: "If we are not allowed to call your politics treason, then what may we call it?" No answer, just this empty stare and the goose-like smile. Højlund ran, as if stung by a wasp, with the microphone. But the intention of the paragraph concerning treason is clear enough and needs only to be adjusted to the present day situation with the mass-migrations as the new enemy-danger. The small criminals, the local politicians, who have followed suit and obediently carried out enemy-programmes in their local area, are not to be let off the hook either, but their yes-manship are not worth much effort. Generally they should just be denied access to public service after a mild sentence including confiscation of the fortune gathered by treasonable activities. The question of punishing retroactively in order to get at the worst criminals should be made the subject of a referendum as also the question cancelling and re-evaluating around, as yet, one hundred thousand citizenships for Asians and Africans, given since 1970, by these traitors.What we are witnessing to-day is a mass-migration into Denmark which is doing irreparable harm to the lives of our children and grandchildren. The development must not only be stopped but rolled back. This will take efficient people and it is more than anything a showdown with our own traitors. We find the parallel in Spain in 1492, when Ferdinand and Isabella threw out the Moslem (conquerors) and the Jews (traitors) from the country.By Knud Bjeld Eriksen, candidate for the local election for "Fælleslisten mod Indvandringen"

Published in "Dagbladet Roskilde Tidende" November 10th 1997. All candidates had the opportunity to write an article called "My opinion".

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